Remove default message from front page

I found 8 options how to remove default message from a front page.

1) Module unwelcome [D6]
a) install drupal module unwelcome
b) enable module

2) Create page [D6/D7]
a) create a new page with URL „home”
b) go to admin/settings/site-information
c) put the url alias „home” to „Default front page”

3) CSS file [D6][D7]
a) edit your css file
#first-time { display: none; }

4) page-front.tpl.php [D6] / page–front.tpl.php [D7]
a) create „file page-front.tpl.php” in folder „templates”
b) remove from the file region $content

5) Change page.tpl.php [D6][D7]
Change this line
[php]<?php if ($title): ?>[/php]
into this line
[php]<?php if ($title && !drupal_is_front_page()): ?>[/php]

[php]<?php if ($title && !drupal_is_front_page()): ?>
<h1 class="title" id="page-title"></h1>[/php]

6) Change page.tpl.php [D7]
Add this line [php]<?php if(drupal_is_front_page()) {unset($page[‚content’][‚system_main’][‚default_message’]);} ?>[/php] before this line [php]<?php print render($page[‚content’]); ?>[/php]

[php]<?php if(drupal_is_front_page()) {unset($page[‚content’][‚system_main’][‚default_message’]);} ?>
<?php print render($page[‚content’]); ?>[/php]

7) Add Views [D6][D7]
a) Add new VIEWS
b) Add page View
b) set page URL to „home”
c) go to Site information
d) type „home” in front page section

8) Edit template.php [D7]
a) edit your template.php file
b) add below code

[php]function nameofyourtheme_preprocess_page (&$vars, $hook) {

c) if doesn’t work just clear cache in admin/performance