Jak użyć SMTP dla gmail w Drupal 7?

1) Ściągamy moduł do katalogu /sites/all/modules/.

2) Ściagamy pakiet PHPmailer do katalogu /sites/all/libraries, zmieniamy nazwę katalogu na phpmailer.

3) W Drupalu przechodzimy do Administer/Site Building/Modules i włączamy SMTP Authentication Support

4) Ustawiamy moduł SMTP Authentication Support
– SMTP Server – smtp.gmail.com
– SMTP backup server – leave blank
– SMTP port – 465
– Use encrypted protocol – Use SSL
– Username – your GoogleApps or Gmail email account in full (yourname@gmail.com; yourname@yourdomain.com)
– Password – your GoogleApps or Gmail password
– email from address – the email address you want messages to appear to be from (e.g. no-reply@yourdomain or your actual address)
– E-mail from name – the name you want emails to appear to be from (e.g. ‚Yourdomain Support’ or your real name)
– Send test email – STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! An address which you can check to ensure mail is being sent.