Drupal 7, php: Multilanguage Link on the FrontPage

1) Add code to your page-front.tpl.php file.

[sourcecode language=”php”]<?php print l(t(‚More’), ‚link-to-page’); ?>[/sourcecode]

Add class to Link
[sourcecode language=”php”]<?php print l(t(‚More’), ‚link-to-page’, array(‚attributes’ => array(‚class’ => array(‚class-1′,’class-2’)))); ?>[/sourcecode]

Add span to Link
[sourcecode language=”php”]<?php print l(‚<span>’ . t(‚More</span>’) . ‚</span>’, ‚link-to-page’, array(‚html’ => TRUE)); ?>[/sourcecode]

Add button to Link
[sourcecode language=”php”]<?php print l(‚<button>’ . t(‚More</span>’) . ‚</button>’, ‚link-to-page’, array(‚html’ => TRUE)))); ?>[/sourcecode]

2) Go to link-to-page and translate Page to other languages (en/link-to-page, pl/link-do-strony). Then drupal automaticly redirect link from one language to another.
en/link-to-page -> pl/link-do-strony

3) Go to Menu, find and translate ‚More’ text to other languages.